Prologue 1: Got my bike back

Gosh! Finally done – the bike’s though custom and quarantine inspection and mine again!!!

Here some words to the procedures for those who want to send their bike to Australia, too:

Additionally to the freight cost, Perth Harbor charged me 679$ for documentation, security, port carges and so on and on…

The Department of Agriculture charges for inspection another 147$ incl. 40$ charge for having all my documents ready…

Take the inspection serious: If the guys find something -and the seach carefully- they might refuse the import at all. And what’s then?

I have let cleaned my Dakar by BMW and did more than 10 hrs cleaning work afterwards. That wasn’t fun at all but I got the clearing.

But from the beginning: It’s important to know that you have to get stamped your Carnet FIRST by costums (Mo-Fr 08:30 a.m. – 5p.m.) That’s surprisingly free of charge. The only costum department which actually does it is at the International Airport. I didn’t know that and took the train to Fremantle. I thought costum at the port will do it but I was wrong. That means that I had a long day travelling by bus and train just to get it right.

After costums you have to go to the Department of Agriculture (08:00a.m.-4:30p.m.) in order to get a date for inspection. I was lucky to get one the very next day. Bring the Quarantine Diraction with you to inspection in Fremantle. You have to present all the goods in your transport box to the inspecor. They were not only interested in the bike itself but also in boots and camping stuff. Means: Bring in your stuff really clean!!!!

Hier gilt es, das Motorrad herauszubekommen.

Quarantine Area, Fremantle

Once you get the Status “CLEAR”, you’re happy like a 5yrs. old child under the x-mas tree and can hit the road…

…if you have a propper insurance. I didn’t have any, ’cause of some communication problems with mine in Germany, who sent me  an e-mail while I was already on my flight to Perth, just to tell me, they won’t cover Australia against all promisses before. Damn!

But it’s easy going to apply for one online and verify your datas on the phone. Payable by credit card. In my case a fully coverage was 553$ for one year. Compared to third party it was an additional of 8$/mth. No further questions to be asked!!!

You have to show all your documents to every department. So have them ready and make sure you know where to store your transport box. You have to take it with you out of quarantine!!!!

Last but not least: THANK YOU TANJA AND PAUL FOR YOU UNBELIEVABLE SUPPORT. You really safed my ass!!!! kann losgehen!!!!

Clear Status erhalten…

6 thoughts on “Prologue 1: Got my bike back

  1. Oh Mann !! Was für eine Aufregung. Aber egal. Du hast Deine GS wieder 🙂 Glückwunsch!
    Hol Di stiiif 😉

  2. Moin Lieblingsonkel,

    auch wir wünschen dir noch alles alles Gute nachträglich zu deinem Geburtstag!
    Schön dass wir so verfolgen können wo du dich überall rumtreibst. 😉
    Fahr vorsichtig und genieß deine Reise

  3. Moin M.,

    sieht super aus, deine vollgepackte Maschine. Endlich, wa!
    Wünsche Dir nen tollen Start!

  4. …viel Spaß und immer genug Benzin im Tank wünscht Dir Marianne aus dem Dompfaffweg ?

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