Daintree NP

P1060884 Daintree NP is the oldest rainforest on earth. There are still plants growing which were eaten by dinosaurs. And those guys, as everybody knows, have passed away quite a long time ago. For that fact only a visit to this place is worthwhile. P1060821

Daintree is also home for the very rare Cassowary and a countless number of reptiles, birds and insects e.g. the Big Blue Ulyssis. It was just gorgeous to roam around in this rainforest and try to find some of these animals.


Absolutely quiet and relaxed. the campground was just next to the beach so you could have your morning tea and watch the sunrise.P1060814
Unfortunately I had to leave without seeing a cassowary. Heading for Townsville across the table lands. Via Flinders Hwy and Burkly Hwy I rode back in direction Tennant Creek. Hughenden, Mt. Isa and Burkly Homestead again were chosen for stop overs. Once you’ve crossed the Great Dividing Range, mountains disappear, trees are getting smaller again and you find yourself back in the desert. What a contrast to the rainforest. Instead of countless animals alive, killed wallabies next to the road again. Thousands of them.

And still more than 1,500km to Alice

P1060796 P1060805   P1060828  P1060855

2 thoughts on “Daintree NP

  1. Hahaha stellen fest das du eine schwäche für bestimmte Tiere hast(siehe Bildergalerie) 😀
    Aber als Löwe solltest du damit ja kein Problem haben ;-D
    Hoffen du hast noch viel spaß und viel glück mit deiner Maschiene.
    Gruß Frank,Daniel&Nadine

  2. Ich stehe ja total auf Dschungel und ich hätte mich wahrscheinlich solange versteckt, bis mir so’n Cassowary auf den Fuß getreten wäre. Satisfaction eben.
    Aber hätte, hätte Motorradkette.

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